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Walk-in coolers, freezers and refrigerated warehouses

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Master-Bilt Walk-In Flexibility

Master-Bilt glass door walk-in
Master-Bilt walk-ins are engineered with flexibility to meet your needs across a wide variety of applications including:
• Convenience stores
• Restaurants
• Institutional and corporate cafeterias
• Processing facilities
• Data storage facilities
• Scientific testing chambers
• Telecommunications housing and many others

From a minimum 36 square foot size to the more elaborate 10,000 square foot warehouses, Master-Bilt walk-ins can be customized to provide the right amount of temperature-controlled space. Basic modular panel sizes and heights, as well as many options, offer the right flexibility to fulfill any design requirement.

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Refrigerated Warehouses: A Complete Solution

Providing assistance at every stage of construction of your refrigerated warehouse
Coordinating all the construction details for refrigerated warehouses can be challenging, particularly if you are using multiple sources for panels, refrigeration and installation. Master-Bilt offers the convenience to make the job much easier. Our package includes panels, refrigeration systems and installation, if required. Experienced sales and design team members will work with you to determine your needs at each stage of construction. From the first steel beam to the last insulated panel, Master-Bilt will ensure your specifications are met. Should future modifications or expansions be necessary, count on us to help.
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Panels That Pass the Performance Test

Master-Bilt's cam-locking system provides a sure fit between panels. Construction Makes The Difference
Master-Bilt panels are 4 inches thick with optional 5 inch and 6 inch thicknesses. The standard wall and roof panel finish is 26-gauge acrylic-coated galvanized steel with many finish options available. The floor finish, when required, is .080 textured aluminum.

Cam-Lock System
The Master-Bilt cam-locking system coupled with sealing gaskets provides a sure, tight fit between panels. The lock requires only a 5/16" hex wrench or socket to operate. As the lock is engaged a gradual seal and panel alignment occurs. This provides a more accurate seal between the panels. Should the walk-in need relocation the cam-lock process is easy to reverse. Panels can be taken apart as easily as they are put together
Foamed-In-Place Insulation
Foamed-in-place insulation is achieved through precision tooled molds. Each panel is steel-mold supported across the entire surface during the foaming process. High-pressure urethane foam is injected into the interior cavity and expansion curing ensures there is consistent density and no uninsulated areas within the panel. With this urethane foam process, Master-Bilt provides the highest R-value rating in the industry. The panels also form a sure seal with their tongue and groove design and dual gasket system.

Master-Bilt’s foam contains a 245fa blowing agent with a zero ozone depletion potential. This agent is not only more environmentally friendly, it also enhances performance. It provides more consistent foam with fewer voids, boosts insulation performance (higher R-value) and increases foam adhesion to panels.

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Master-Bilt's foamed-in-place polyurethane panels are more efficient that other panel types.

Compared with other types of panel construction, Master-Bilt's foamed-in-place polyurethane method is clearly more efficient.

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Raising the Standard in Floors

Master-Bilt floors are standard with a .080 textured aluminum surface for added safety.

We’ve gone the extra mile to make sure your floor is both safe enough and strong enough for everyday usage.

To begin with, all floors are standard with a .080 textured aluminum surface. The added traction provided by the raised surface pattern reduces the potential of slip-and-fall accidents, even in wet conditions.

Because the surface pattern is designed to be easily cleaned, it fully meets NSF guidelines. Corners in floor panels are also coved to avoid trapping contaminants.

Standard floors support 700 pounds per square foot (evenly distributed stationary load). Reinforced floors can be provided in case of frequent traffic from heavy handcarts, dollies or forklifts.

Customize your floor with our large range of options. Interior and exterior ramps (provided with non-skid safety strips), floor mats and a range of finishes are just a few of many possibilities.

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Structural Floor Option

Master-Bilt's structural floor is designed to withstand a pallet jack or equivalent transporter with an evenly distributed load of up to 5000 pounds over all four wheels. It also allows for maximum weight storage on internal shelving. At the same time, it saves labor by allowing carts or lifts to be driven directly into the walk-in and unloaded.

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Open a Doorway into Cost Effectiveness

The Most Critical Component
Perhaps no other part of a walk-in plays a bigger role in its overall success than its door. The door must be built to withstand the numerous openings and closings of a typical business day without losing structural integrity. It also has to form a solid barricade between your perishable items inside and warmer temperatures outside. Master-Bilt doors have a proven record of reliability in these areas.

Strong, Innovative Construction
Master-Bilt’s standard V-Series entry doors are infitting and flush-mounted with a standard size of 36" x 78". V-Series doors contain two cam-lift hinges which are spring-loaded for an easier, more positive closure.
Standard V-Series doors are standard with many features.

Features found on typical standard Master-Bilt walk-in door.

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Unique field-adjustable hinge backing plates ensure a proper fit of the door to its opening.
Adjustable Hinge Backing Plate
Unique field-adjustable hinge backing plates ensure a proper fit of the door to its opening during installation and also allow for any necessary future adjustments. Simply loosen the hinge bolts, re-align the door properly, shim and tighten bolts. A standard deadbolt locking handle is provided on Master-Bilt entry doors at no additional charge. The deadbolt lock can be independently locked by key and/or optional padlock.

Other door features include:
  • Hydraulic door closure
  • Brushed metal finish on the hardware
  • Dial thermometer
  • Vapor proof light
  • Magnetic gasket
  • Adjustable double wiper gaskets
  • Pressure relief port on freezer doors
  • Heated frames on freezer door

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Options and Accessories Make Choices Easy

Many options and accessories are available to expand the function and convenience of your Master-Bilt walk-in:
  • 5 inch and 6 inch panel thicknesses
  • Optional heavy-duty door with these added features:
  • Heavy-gauge, Z-shaped structural inner frame with a full length, quarter-inch thick steel hinge backing plate
  • Inner heater wires lining the perimeter (two wires in freezer doors)
  • Many roof and floor treatments
  • Numerous panel finishes
  • Wall protectors
  • Third door hinges
  • View windows
  • Light management/temperature alarm system
  • Kick plates
  • Strip curtains
  • Interior and exterior floor ramps
  • Hypalon light switch covers
  • Digital or dial thermometers

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Quick Ship Program

Quick ship walk-ins ship in five business days.

In a hurry for a walk-in structure? Master-Bilt's Quick Ship Program is the answer for you. We can ship to you within five working days after your order is received.

Quick Ship models are constructed of the same modular metal clad panels found in all our walk-ins. The panels are 4" thick, urethane foamed-in-place and feature our cam-lock panel connection system. The wall and roof finish is 26 gauge acrylic-coated stucco galvanized steel. The floor finish, when required, is .080 textured aluminum. V-Series doors with the features outlined above are standard on Quick Ship models.

Two walk-in options are available with the Quick Ship Program:

  • The standard four wall cooler or freezer. With this option there are 544 basic configurations ranging in size from 5'10" x 5'10" up to 9'8" x 32'8". These walk-ins are available in heights of 7'2", 7'6", 8'2" and 8'6". They are available with or without a floor.
  • Two compartment combination walk-ins. Available in 7'6" or 8'6" height with remote refrigeration systems and 7'6" with packaged refrigeration systems, combination cooler-freezer walk-ins offer even more diverse possibilities to suit your requirements. Floors are standard in the freezer compartment. The cooler compartment is floorless.


PRS-2 walk-ins ship in five business days.
  • Ships in five business days.

  • Choice of 26", 30" or
    36" door width at no
    extra charge.

  • Remote or packaged refrigeration systems

Quick Ship refrigeration system options include either a remote M-Series system or a PRS-2 packaged system.

Remote systems consist of an M-Series condensing unit ranging in horsepower from 1/2 to 6 HP and an E-Series evaporator coil. M-Series unit components are pre-wired and factory assembled on a galvanized steel angle leg base. E-Series coils are ready to mount in position and are available in air (off cycle) defrost for coolers and electric defrost for coolers.

Each PRS-2 Series refrigeration system consists of a condensing unit and evaporator coil together in one package. Everything is ready to mount in the top or side of the Master-Bilt walk-in cooler or freezer. The evaporator section mounts flush in a standard 4" thick panel allowing maximum storage space.

Outdoor models contain a weather hood for the roof-mounted refrigeration system and a membrane covering for the walk-in roof. Outdoor refrigeration systems are also the standard with crankcase heater, drainline heater and head master.

Ready-Bilt Walk-ins

Ready-Bilt models are typically delivered on a gooseneck truck and

Ready-Bilt models are typically delivered on a gooseneck truck and
set in place using a crane, boom-lift
or forklift depending on the
job situation.


Ready-Bilt walk-ins are completely pre-assembled at the factory and ready to set in place at the job site. Structures arrive at the site typically on a gooseneck truck and, depending on size and customer preference, lifted into place by crane, boom-lift or forklift. No field installation is necessary. The refrigeration system(s) is already installed and the entire walk-in is fully tested before shipping. All you have to do is provide electricity for the single source hook-up (one per refrigeration system). Each Ready-Bilt walk-in is UL-listed as an entire package, not just for individual components, facilitating electrical inspections.

More information (265K pdf file)

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Strength Tested

Our walk-ins meet high criteria for strength and durability. Master-Bilt doors are both UL and C-UL listed. Our steel panels are Factory Mutual approved and our aluminum panels are Factory Mutual specification tested. In addition, Master-Bilt is one of only a handful of manufacturers to meet Florida's Metro-Dade County approval for exterior walk-ins. This stringent code is considered to be the toughest in the nation. These and many other listings, certifications and classifications prove that our walk-ins pass the test for quality, durability and safety.

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Master-Bilt Estimating System

Specifying any walk-in can be a complicated procedure at times. But Master-Bilt makes it easier with its in-house estimating system. This system simplifies the steps in specifying sizes, refrigeration and options. Using the Master-Bilt program, our customer service representatives take you through every aspect of selecting the right walk-in to fit your application. The program also matches your walk-in size and BTU/H requirements with the proper refrigeration system.

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Master-Bilt Warranty

Master-Bilt's standard warranty covers workmanship and protects against insulation failure. Should there be a need for service, we can easily locate an agent in our network of service centers across the U.S. or abroad.

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