Walk-In Coolers & Walk-In Freezers

warehouse-familyCoordinating all the construction details for refrigerated warehouses can be challenging. Master-Bilt makes the job much easier with one source service for panels, refrigeration and installation.

Master-Bilt® warehouses feature the same panel, door and floor construction as other walk-in types but with a number of options to customize a structure as needed. Roof covering options, for example, include aluminum, galvalume, flat membrane and sloped membrane with several methods of indoor and outdoor roof suspension. Other options include metal facades, sliding and lift doors, vinyl strip curtains and dock weather seals.

Each warehouse project may be paired with a custom remote refrigeration system. If desired, a modular or rack refrigeration system can be provided.

Experienced sales and design personnel will work with you to determine your needs at each stage of construction. From the first steel beam to the last insulated panel, Master-Bilt ensures your specifications are met. Plus, we are always ready to assist with future modifications or expansions.


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