Refrigeration Systems

Master-Bilt's M-series is very similar to the B-series in components and options. However, M series models are specially designed to function in high ambient temperatures. As with the B-series, components are pre-wired and factory mounted.

Standard Features

  • Available in hermetic and compliant scroll compressor models
  • With or without matching evaporator coils.
  • Factory assembled on a galvanized steel angle leg base.
  • Range from 1/2 to 6 H.P.
  • Generously-sized condenser
  • Pre-piping kit
  • Pre-wiring kit (defrost timer standard on low temp models only)
  • Liquid line and suction line vibration absorbers (eliminators) for semi-hermetic units only
  • Preset non-adjustable high and low pressure control (High pressure control and low pressure control are non-adjustable in medium temp units. The low pressure control is adjustable in low temp units.)
  • Crankcase heater
  • Head pressure control (flooding valve)
  • Suction service valve
  • Heavy-duty angle leg base
  • Liquid line filter/drier
  • Pre-wired electrical control panel
  • Timer (standard on low temp models only)
  • Sight glass
  • Liquid and suction line kit with service valve
  • Compressor contactor
  • Defrost heater contactor (when required)
  • Rifled tubes in condenser add efficiency
  • PSC condenser fan motors
  • Large liquid receiver (for max. 100 ft. line run)
  • Liquid line shut-off valve for easy change of filter
  • One year limited compressor warranty (optional four year extended warranty available)


  • Special voltages
  • Insulated and heated receiver (thermostatically controlled)
  • Suction accumulator (shipped loose)
  • Coated condenser coils
  • Oil separator
  • Phase loss/low voltage monitor
  • Factory pre-assembled evaporator coil (includes factory pre-mounting of thermostatic air control and expansion valve)
  • Factory pre-charged system with quick connect liquid and suction line sets up to 50 ft. (specify length when ordering)
  • Adjustable low pressure control for medium and high temp units
  • Dual pressure control (adjustable)
  • Circuit breaker
  • Suction filter
  • Fan cycling switch
  • Pre-mounted solenoid at evaporator
  • Liquid line solenoid valve (shipped loose)
  • Timer for medium temp units
  • Heavy-duty rack base
  • Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost electronic control system
  • Extended four year limited compressor warranty


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