Master-Bilt refrigeration systems are designed for efficiency and simple installation from a basic condensing unit all the way to an option-filled parallel rack system.

If you are considering a rack system, take a look at our guide to help select the right system for your application.

“Not only did Master-Bilt have the answer, but it was a more efficient rack system.”

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B-Series Built-Up Remote Condensing Units b-series-family

Master-Bilt offers its most complete condensing units in the built-up B-series. These units, factory assembled on a galvanized steel channel leg base, are available from 3 to 40 H.P. Because components are pre-wired and factory mounted, field installation time is minimal.

M-Series High Ambient Remote Condensing Units m-series-family

Master-Bilt's M-series is very similar to the B-series in components and options. However, M series models are specially designed to function in high ambient temperatures. As with the B-series, components are pre-wired and factory mounted.

Evaporator Coils e-series-family

E-Series evaporator coils are ready to mount in position and are available with air (off cycle) defrost, electric defrost or optional reverse cycle defrost when equipped with the Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost system.
Packaged Refrigeration Systemsprs-2-family

The PRS-2 series combines a condensing unit and evaporator coil into one unit with everything ready to mount on the top or side of your Master-Bilt walk-in cooler or freezer. In fact, most indoor units come with a power cord so the unit can be plugged in.

Modular Multi-Compressor Systems mrs-family

By remoting all refrigeration systems in their establishments, including those in reach-ins, walk-ins and ice machines, to a single MRS system, business owners can remove the heat produced by multiple refrigeration systems from their kitchen or store and reduce their air conditioning load. These outside systems, typically roof-mounted, also reduces noise level and extends the life of equipment. 

Dual Compressor Systemsdrs-family

For refrigeration applications calling for only a two-compressor system, the DRS series is the answer. A complement to the MRS series, DRS models share many of the same quality construction and features as well as fitting the same range of applications in hotels, c-stores, QSRs and cafeterias.

Parallel Rack Systemsps-family

A parallel rack system is a multiple compressor refrigeration unit piped in parallel to yield smooth capacity control as compared to a single compressor unit. A parallel system can be located in a back room or on a roof in close proximity to refrigeration equipment for reduced piping. PS series systems match refrigeration capacity to your actual load and can yield savings of 20% or more over a single compressor unit.

Glycol Parallel Rack Systemsgps-family

Master-Bilt’s GPS series glycol parallel rack systems use a highly efficient refrigeration system to chill a glycol loop which is, in turn, used to cool various pieces of refrigeration equipment in a foodservice kitchen or retail environment.


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