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Durably constructed reach-in coolers and freezers, pass-thrus, roll-thrus, prep tables, milk coolers and heated cabinets with a wide variety of options such as half doors, pan racks and refrigerated drawers make it easy to design a cabinet to fit the requirements of restaurants, cafeterias, correctional facilities and many other applications.

Reach-In Refrigerators & Freezers


The flexibility and durability of these reach-ins makes it easy to design a cabinet to fit a wide variety of foodservice applications. Full and half door options as well as glass and solid doors are available in both freezer and refrigerator models.

Pass-Thru Refrigerators

endura-mpr-family-thumbnailThese refrigerators offer conveniently accessible storage from either side for busy foodservice environments. A wide range of solid, glass and half door options is available to meet your individual requirements for visibility and access.

Roll-In & Roll-Thru Refrigerators

endura-roll-in-thru-thumbnailThese durable roll-in refrigerators simplify food storage by allowing racks containing food to be rolled directly into the cabinet. Roll-thrus maximize workspace by providing dual door access.

Heated Reach-Ins

endura-mnw-thumbnailAvailable in one- and two-section models, Endura heated reach-ins feature forced ducted air distribution to maintain the desired uniform temperature throughout the cabinet. 

Heated Pass-Thru Cabinets

endura-heated-pass-thru-thumbnailEndura heated pass-thrus provide reliable storage with convenient access from either front or back of the cabinet.

Heated Roll-Thru Cabinets
Highly reliable heating systems and precise electronic controls in these roll-thru cabinets maintain consistent hot food holding environments.

Heater-Proofing Cabinet

hp-family-thumbnailThe HP6A-LX heater-proofer’s multi-purpose design provides heat for holding as well as heat and humidity for proofing. It also serves as a mobile heated transport cabinet.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

endura-mrr-family-thumbnailDesigned for busy foodservice workspaces, Endura prep tables provide quick access to condiments and toppings. To provide the exact temperature required for ingredients in pans as well as stored items, there are separate adjustable temperature controls for the pan well and storage areas.

Milk Coolers

milk-coolers-family-thumbnailEach Endura milk cooler features a powerful, large-capacity refrigeration system to quickly pull milk down to storage temperature and keep it there.  


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