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Durably constructed reach-ins, pass-thrus, roll-thrus, prep tables, milk coolers and heated cabinets with a wide variety of options such as half doors, pan racks and refrigerated drawers make it easy to design a cabinet to fit the requirements of restaurants, cafeterias, correctional facilities and many other applications.



The flexibility and durability of these reach-ins makes it easy to design a cabinet to fit a wide variety of foodservice and retail applications. Full and half door options as well as glass and solid doors are available in both freezer and refrigerator models.

Pass-Thru Refrigerators

endura-mpr-family-thumbnailThese refrigerators offer conveniently accessible storage for busy foodservice environments.

Roll-In & Roll-Thru Refrigerators

endura-roll-in-thru-thumbnailThese durable roll-in refrigerators simplify food storage by allowing racks containing food to be rolled directly into the cabinet. Roll-thrus maximize workspace by providing dual door access.

Heated Reach-Ins

endura-mnw-thumbnailAvailable in one- and two-section models, Endura heated reach-ins feature forced ducted air distribution to maintain the desired uniform temperature throughout the cabinet. 

Heated Pass-Thru Cabinets

endura-heated-pass-thru-thumbnailEndura heated pass-thrus provide reliable storage with convenient access from either front or back of the cabinet.

Heated Roll-Thru Cabinets
Highly reliable heating systems and precise electronic controls in these roll-thru cabinets maintain consistent hot food holding environments.

Heater-Proofing Cabinet

hp-family-thumbnailThe HP6A-LX heater-proofer’s multi-purpose design provides heat for holding as well as heat and humidity for proofing. It also serves as a mobile heated transport cabinet.

Refrigerated Prep Units

endura-mrr-family-thumbnailEndura prep units are equipped with a raised condiment rail for easy access to condiments and toppings. Endura prep units also feature separate temperature controls for the pan well and storage areas.

Milk Coolers

milk-coolers-family-thumbnailEach Endura milk cooler features a powerful, large-capacity refrigeration system to quickly pull milk down to storage temperature and keep it there.  


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